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Offshore news !

Vanuatu To Join The World’s Optical Fibre Internet Backbone

As part of the Government Vanuatu’s commitment to encourage the development of e-business and IT infra- structure, the Vanuatu Government has thrown it’s full support behind the current Joint Venture project between Interchange Limited, a Vanuatu local IT company and Alcatel-Lucent, the giant French telecommunications company to deploy Vanuatu’s first international submarine cable system linking Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, to Suva, Fiji.

Scheduled for completion in mid 2012, this new system will deliver faster, more efficient and cost-effective Internet connectivity to the pacific island nation, while removing the current dependence on satellite and strengthening Vanuatu’s competitive position as an e-business hub.

Westpac Banking Corporation.

Westpac Banking Corporation.
CBD Lini Highway
Port Vila,  Vanuatu 
BSB: 039033
Tel:   +678 22084
Fax: +678 24773

Westpac has had a presence prior to independence as the Bank of New South Wales. It is a branch of the Westpac Banking Group and licensed to carry on banking business by the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu.

It has grown along with the economic development of independent Vanuatu, acquiring the operations of the HSBC along the way. Hence Westpac is no stranger to international/offshore banking here.

Westpac offers state of art internet banking with inter-bank transfer facilities for personal and company accounts. They also provide a Visa based international Debit card to access your funds. This facility can only be linked to a personal account denominated in the local currency, the Vatu. However this is just a simple matter of transferring funds from your company’s foreign account to your local account by the bank’s internet banking facilities all from your computer. Convenience at your finger tips.

The bank also offers accounts in all major foreign currencies.

Westpac is a true Pacific bank with branch locations in Fiji, Cook Islands and the Solomon Islands. Westpac is also represented in Papua New Guinea by Westpac Bank - PNG - Limited, Samoa by Westpac Bank Samoa Limited and in Tonga by Westpac Bank of Tonga.